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Directions to Russell Mill

160 Mill Road, Chelmsford, MA

(From Bradford Swim Club)


  1. Turn left out of the parking lot toward Rt. 125


  1. Turn right onto Rt. 125 (after about 1 mile)


  1. Turn right onto Rt. 125 Connecter (after about 2 miles)


  1. Merge onto I-495 South toward Lawrence (after about 1.2 miles)


  1. Take Exit 35C-B-A toward US-3/Lowell Connector (about 16 miles)


  1. Stay in the left hand lane, as this exit has three off-ramps.  Take the third off ramp toward US-3 Exit 35A toward Burlington.


  1. Take exit 29 for MA-129 West toward Chelmsford (after about 1.5 miles)


  1. Turn left off the exit onto MA-129.


  1. Turn left onto Mill Road (after .3 miles) Be careful entering Mill Road, almost at the beginning of the street there is also a driveway entrance to an office building, keep to the left to avoid it.


  1.  Russell Mill is about a mile down the road on the left.


***Parking is limited at Russell Mill.  If you get there and there is no parking, drive about a block down the street on Mill Road.  On the left are the Murphy Soccer Fields, you can park there.***