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Bradford Swim & Recreation Club, Inc.

Rules and Regulations



The following rules and regulations (hereinafter referred to as “Rules”) are established for the Bradford Swim & Recreation Center, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “BSC”), include, but are not limited to, its Pool(s), buildings, property, are for the protection and benefit of all members.  They have been established to secure safe and sanitary operation of the Pool(s) and other facilities.  Please review them with your family and guests.

Parents are requested to instruct their children to observe all Rules and obey all the orders of the Pool(s) Director and/or other employees.  Any failure to comply with the Rules shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate suspension of all Pool(s) privileges by the Pool(s) Director, or other authorized personnel, for the offending members for a period of one to seven days.

Violation may be also considered sufficient cause for cancellation of membership, based upon written report from the Pool(s) Director to the Board of Directors, or otherwise at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


·         For safety reasons, absolutely no glass of any kind is allowed.

·         All activities at the BSC, in the Pool(s), and recreation areas must be appropriate and consider the rights of others.  Common courtesy and fair play are expected from our members and guests.

·         No person shall be allowed to use the Pool(s) at any time unless the Pool(s) Director or responsible people designated by the Pool(s) Director are on duty.

·         No pets will be allowed in any part of the Pool(s) or its property at any time.

·         Persons who show evidence of skin disease, open cuts, bandaged wounds, boils, inflamed eyes, discharging nasal or ear passages, or communicable disease are prohibited from using the Pool(s).

·         Members and guests much shower prior to entering the Pool(s).

·         The lifeguards and/or instructors have a serious job to perform.  Do not jeopardize the safety of the members and/or guests by socializing with the lifeguards and/or instructors while they are on duty.

·         Running, playing tag, playing ball, wrestling, unnecessary splashing, pushing or pulling others into the Pool(s), water fighting, "cannon ball" dives, snapping towels, etc., are strictly prohibited unless authorized by Pool Director.

·         Toys of any kind, including but not limited to, rubber balls, snorkels, masks and flippers, are forbidden in the Pool(s) except with the approval of the Pool Director.

·         Objects for support on the water, including but not limited to, mattresses, inner- tubes, beach balls, etc., are prohibited except with the approval of the Pool Director.

·         Only BSC approved swimming aids (a/k/a bubbles) are allowed in the Pool(s).

·         Extreme caution is urged at all times in the use of the diving board.  Look before diving and at the completion of the dives, swim out straight or turn to the nearest side of the Pool and exit quickly.  Only one person will be allowed on the Diving Board at all times.  Persons on the Diving Board will take direction from the Lifeguard monitoring the Pool area.

·         No diving from the sides of the Pool(s) is permitted when the Diving Board is open.  No swimming under or near the Diving Board is permitted when the Diving Board is open.

·         The Pool Director may post special rules governing the use of the Pool(s) in addition to the Rules contained herein.  He or she may also modify the rules verbally when times or circumstances call for such action.

·         Plastic water bottles are the only containers allowed on the Pool(s) deck.  All other food and/or drinks much remain in the designated eating area beneath the tent.

·         Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the Pool(s) deck.

·         To maintain a clean and sanitary area, all Members and/or Guests are expected to clean the picnic tables after using them.

·         Use the "cooler" shelves for storage of coolers rather than leaving them on the tables or deck. "Reserving" a table by leaving a cooler or other item on it, unattended, is not permitted.

·         Sitting on the table portion of the picnic tables is not permitted.

·         To allow appropriate space for those eating lunch, there is no card game or game playing allowed in the snack bar area during the hours of 11am and 1pm, unless otherwise specified by the Pool Director.

·         The telephone is for business and emergency use only.  Toll calls by Members and/or Guests will not be permitted at any time.

·         Prolonged or excessive use of the shower facilities is not permitted.

·         Members and/or Guests are not permitted in the lifeguard room or the Pool Director’s office without permission.

·         Members and/or Guests are not permitted in the filtration area, storage closets or sheds without permission.


·         The table below clarifies the age requirements for staying at the BSC. 

·         For the purposes of these Rules, the term “Supervision” is defined as in the care, custody and/or control of an adult over the age of 18 and/or babysitter/caregiver who is 16 years of age or over.

·         Children ages 5 and over are prohibited from using the wading (a/k/a kiddy) Pool(s) at any time.

·         Any child who is not potty-trained and/or using the diapers or similar products, must use BSC approved covers to enter the main Pool(s).

·         Dropping or leaving children ages 12 and under at the BSC at any time, including but not limited to, swim lessons, team practices, team events, etc., is strictly prohibited.  Children ages 12 and under, must be in the care and supervision of an adult, babysitter, and/or caregiver.  This Rule will be strictly enforced.  Please advise the Pool Director immediately of any child who is 12 years or under, who is being supervised by someone other than a Family Member listed on the Registration Form.





Stay and/or use the facilities at the BSC without supervision during all Pool(s) hours.

Swim during adult swim.

13 – 15 YEARS OLD

Stay and/or use the facilities at the BSC without supervision until 5PM.  After 5 pm, proper supervision as defined above is required.


MAY NOT stay and/or use the facilities at the BSC at any time without proper supervision as defined above.



May swim in the shallow end of the main Pool(s) with proper supervision as defined above and BSC-approved swimming aids if needed.

May swim in the 4ft – 6ft deep end of the Pool(s) only if the member passes the Deep End Test conducted by a BSC lifeguard and approved by the Pool Director.  The Deep End Test requires a swimmer to sufficiently swim the length of the Pool(s) without stopping or touching the bottom or side of the Pool(s).  Failure to pass the Deep End Test will restrict the member from use of the Pool area over 4 feet deep.


May only swim and/or play in the wading (kiddy) Pool(s) area under proper supervision as defined above.

May swim in the shallow end of the main Pool(s) with proper supervision as defined above.


·         Members are permitted to bring guests to BSC subject to the following restrictions:

·         The Member must accompany the guest at all times. 

·         Guests are required to pay the appropriate fees for use of the BSC and its facilities.

·         Members may bring as many Guests as they deem fit.  Individuals are allowed to be Guests of the BSC only five (5) times per season. 

·         An individual is not permitted to come to the BSC as a Guest of multiple members more than five (5) times total for the summer.

·         Guests are required to abide by the BSC Rules as defined above. Any violation of Rules may be grounds for removal of Guest and, if serious enough, revocation of the Member’s membership. 

·         The Member assumes all responsibilities for the Guest’s knowledge of all Pool(s) rules.

·         Guests are required to sign a Waiver and Indemnification Agreement. 

·         Guest must sign in with the Front Desk.

·         Guest passes are to be used for the date of purchase and cannot be used during any other times.

·         Members with a summer houseguest who would like to use the BSC must request an exception in writing to the BSC Board of Directors prior to May 1st of that season.  Each summer houseguest must pay $100.00 by June 1st for the use of the BSC and its facilities.

·         Members with out of town houseguests up to two weeks shall pay the appropriate Guest Fee for each day for use of BSC and facilities.

·         Weekend guest fees are higher than weekday fees.  Please refer to the website for specific fees.


  • Every child at the BSC must have appropriate supervision.  For the safety of all of our children, babysitters must be 16 years of age or older. 
    • Babysitters are prohibited from supervising more than four (4) children at a time.
    • A Babysitting Form must be completed each day while babysitting at BSC.
    • An adult non-member may baby-sit without paying a guest fee. 
    • Babysitting non-member children at the BSC:
      • The BSC requires written notification of any babysitting situation that falls under this policy.  After we receive written request, we are willing to let a Member bring the child that they babysit to the BSC a few times a week throughout the season.  We are willing to waive the standard guest policy that limits guests to five times per month.
      • Each time you bring a child that you are babysitting with you to the BSC, you will need to pay the guest fee.  Because the child is not a member of the BSC, they will not be able to participate in swim team or swim lessons but is welcome to enjoy the all swim that starts around noon when lessons end.
      • If a Member has hired a non-member as a babysitter, then they are required to provide BSC Board of Directors with written notification, including the name of babysitter, work schedule, etc.  If the Member is present, then the babysitter is required to pay the appropriate Guest Fee.  If the babysitter is a live-in nanny, then the Member should add the person to the Family Member list outlined in the Registration Form.

F.         SMOKING.

The BSC restricts any smoking in or near the Pool(s) and its facilities.



·         Members are restricted from violating the Rules as described herein, misuse of alcoholic beverages, use of illegal drugs, and use of vulgar language, excessive noise, and willful destruction of BSC.  Any Member and/or Guests who repeatedly violate the Rules, is subject to review by the Pool Director and/or the BSC Board of Directors.  Continued violation by the Member may result in suspension, expel, rescind of membership, or decline to renew membership of any Member.  Inappropriate behavior by a Member’s guest can jeopardize that Member’s membership. 


·         Grandparents are allowed to observe swim lesson, swim team and diving lessons during the week without paying Guest Fees.   Grandparents must sign in at the desk upon arrival.